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Crack the Code: Literacy is Everyone’s Job

Crack the Code: Hero Image.

Based on the book The Instructional Change Agent: 48 Ways to Be the Leader Your School Needs by Adam Drummond.

  • Purchasing the book is not required to participate and gain knowledge from the webinar.


Title and Overview of Session

ESCI Hosts/Facilitators

November 15th

Literacy and the Brain

First and foremost, teaching literacy is about creating neural pathways in the brain to build connections as we move from phonemic awareness to phonics to fluency.

Cindy McKinney

December 12th
10 AM – 11 AM EST

Chaos or Connectedness
Classroom Environment in Literacy

A highly effective classroom is built upon the foundation of procedures and rituals. In absence of these components, you have chaos. As leaders, support your educators in ensuring a well-oiled, routine process is built for your literacy block.

Tanika Kinartail and Morgan Mason

January 9th
10 AM – 11 AM EST

Coaching Teachers on Best Practice

You can’t coach what you don’t know. As the lead instructional learner, you must be knowledgeable in the science of reading. This introductory module gives you the 411 of the big rocks for high quality literacy instruction.

Michelle Grewe, Melissa Gill, and Erin Moore

February 6th
10 AM – 11 AM EST

Student Evidence Decision Making

The best literacy teachers use student evidence to shift teaching practices to maximize learning opportunities. As school leaders we must prioritize what evidence is most critical, then monitor and support. Afterall, what gets measured ensures success.

DeAnne Taggart and Mandi Isaacs


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