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Collaboration strengthens any initiative. A diversity of opinions and perspectives spur constructive conversations and spark ideas that otherwise might not have been formed. Collaboration is the core value that drove the individual Indiana educational service centers (ESCs) to work together to find or create the best opportunities for K-12 public school districts.

The mission of The Educational Service Centers of Indiana (ESC of I)  is to create a collaborative environment for all of Indiana’s educational service centers to implement statewide initiatives beneficial to all Indiana’s educators and students.

On its own, an ESC serves the schools in its designated geographical region through a variety of programs and services such as professional development, cooperative purchasing, summer school, risk management, and so much more. With the combined leverage of all nine of the Indiana educational service centers, the benefit for our students and educators increases exponentially.

Where some services and programs may be out of reach for a single school corporation or even a single ESC, collectively, ESC of I can implement state-wide initiatives, apply for state-wide grant funds, and provide the best value to our members. Together, ESC of I serves:


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