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Jamf School – Jamf School is a powerful and affordable MDM for the modern, digital classroom. The system was originally developed and purpose-built for schools in the Netherlands, and now, educational institutions in more than 50 countries rely on it. Jamf School allows easy management of all Apple devices. It provides simple tools for IT departments, teachers and parents. In conjunction with Apple’s iOS, Jamf School is the best MDM choice for educational purposes.

Jamf Pro – The standard for Apple management — is an industry-leading solution that delivers the best and most secure end user experience for Mac, iPad, iPhone and AppleTV. Jamf Pro has been 100% focused on Apple management for 17 years and leverages native Apple technology to preserve the Apple experience end users know and love. Always lockstep with Apple releases to deliver same-day operating system compatibility — meaning you and your end users get immediate access to new productivity and management features.

Connect – Jamf Connect is an app that allows administrators to manage authentication by connecting a user’s local macOS account to their organization or school’s cloud identity (network account).

Protect – Jamf Protect is a purpose-built endpoint security and mobile threat defense (MTD) for Mac and mobile devices. It allows orgs and schools to maintain compliance, defend against the modern threat landscape and identify and respond to security incidents with minimal impact to the end-user experience. With Protect, schools can improve their security posture to keep students/staff, devices, and data secure.

Safe Internet – Comprehensive content filtering & network threat defense (phishing) optimized for education and integrated with MDM for simple, powerful student and user protection. Designed to help schools protect minors from harmful content on the internet, Jamf Safe Internet enforces acceptable-use policies without sacrificing end user experience on any Apple, ChromeOS, or Windows devices that students find themselves interacting with.

Special Member Pricing

Discount varies depending on district’s needs, please contact Sam Branstad (sam.branstad@jamf.com) to receive a quote.

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