Mastery Learning Series

Mastery Learning with Dr. Tom Guskey infographic flyer.
Dr. Tom Guskey - Professor Emeritus
June 4, 2024 8:30 am
Garrett High School, 801 E Houston Street Garrett, Indiana 46738, United States

June 4-Differentiating Instruction Through Mastery Learning

1. Participants will learn about Mastery Learning strategies and how these strategies can help teachers improve student learning at all grade levels.
2. Participants will explore strategies for implementing Mastery Learning in different subject areas and at all grade levels.
3. Participants will review guidelines for follow-up and support for teachers implementing Mastery Learning, and for informing parents of these procedures.

June 5-Making Grades Fair, Accurate, Meaningful, and Equitable

1. Participants will learn about the advantages and shortcomings of different grading methods and the implications of those methods for classroom policy and practice.
2. Participants will explore strategies for ensuring the grades they assign are fair, accurate, meaningful, and equitable.
3. Participants will develop guidelines for implementing effective standards-based grading policies and practices at all grade levels.