Desmos Classroom Best Practices

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Andy Malbouef
January 17, 2024 8:00 am
Online (Virtual) - Zoom

Desmos Classroom is a free digital platform that allows math teachers to interact with their students. Quite simply, it’s a sequence of screens, each with a different task, prompt, or question. The screens in each activity can be as simple or sophisticated as the teacher desires. Computation Layer is the code that allows the different components within activities to “talk” to one another. It’s the glue that holds activities together. It lets you connect representations, customize content, and provide dynamic, interpretive feedback.

This workshop is unique in that it focuses exclusively on Desmos Classroom. Throughout the workshop, we break down into build-along sessions, where teachers can put their new understanding into practice by creating to meet their individual needs.

The objectives of our day include:

  • Practical ways to teach lessons using Desmos Classroom.
  • Proven techniques to employ to get students to engage in lessons.
  • Addresses all levels of teacher familiarity, from beginners to experienced users.
  • Strategies to improve the depth of student thinking using the Classroom platform.
  • Practical ways to create and use Computation Layer to add engagement to your lessons.
  • Classroom-tested lessons and tips to reach students’ levels of understanding.