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Description of Partnership

STOPit was founded in 2014 with a vision to fight cyberbullying and empower students to do their part to stop individuals from harming themselves and others. The company has evolved over the years, from a single product offering to a comprehensive safety and wellness solution with world-class resources that create safer, better-connected, and healthier learning and living environments. Today, STOPit Solutions proudly partners with more than 8,000 schools and organizations, delivering innovative solutions that protect and save lives daily.

The STOPit team monitors, measures, and maintains a culture of safety and well-being. We instill a spirit of awareness across schools by stressing that it’s OK to ask for or seek help or tell someone when you or a friend or classmate is in trouble.  In fact, bystander reporting – or Upstanders as STOPit refers – is the most common and effective form of reporting and awareness on its network. STOPit’s team operates 24/7/365. as problems unfortunately do not keep a normal schedule and are rarely convenient.

Our solutions are highly configurable and designed specifically for the schools it serves. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution and must be localized to provide the best protection and value. It is also far beyond simple reporting – there are engagement resources built all through the solution and plenty of methods for communicating in the manner most comfortable to the user.

Safety needs are growing, and technology is changing at unprecedented speeds. Districts can rely on STOPit Solutions for innovative solutions that continually serve their school communities.

Special Member Pricing

Members receive 35% off standard K12 Pricing.

STOPit Anonymous Reporting System (ARS) – STOPit’s ARS allows students to report safety, misconduct, or personal concerns to help others or themselves through a simple to use mobile app, website (including iPad and Chromebook), or telephone hotline. Administrators receive immediate notification of all reports and assigned team members can utilize STOPit’s Incident Management System gather more information (using 2-Way Messenger), assign, escalate and perform other tasks leading to resolution. All reports are reviewed immediately for urgency by STOPit’s 24/7/365 Incident Response Center.  Emergencies and imminent threats are routed immediately to pre-defined emergency contacts OR 911 for immediate local response.

HELPme: Support and Resources for Students, Staff, and Families: Empower every member of your school community to seek assistance whenever needed: students battling bullying or depression, families requiring essentials like food or housing, school employees navigating stressful times, anyone grappling with personal challenges.

STOPit Notify: Simple, Fast & Powerful Emergency Management: An all-in-one reporting, mass communication, emergency management, and incident resolution system. Instantly alert, inform, and request help from staff and/or 911 for any emergency or non-emergency issue, enabling faster responses, more effective actions, and better outcomes Meets Requirements of Alyssa’s Law.

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