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Find Your Grind’s mission is to provide every student with the tools and confidence to be Future Ready in a world that is changing faster than ever. To achieve this we designed a curriculum that changes the conversation around future readiness — asking students what kind of life they want to live, then guiding them to create it. Our focus is on social-emotional learning and student agency while challenging students through inquiry and reflection.

Find Your Grind delivers all experiences through a lifestyle-first approach. Our classroom curriculum is about embracing the journey, not just the destination. All content is delivered in bite-sized formats designed to resonate with Gen Z minds. Content is consumed through interaction patterns native to Gen Z learners, and provides a personalized, gamified, and engaging experience. Additional personalized content for students is provided through the Find Your Grind Explore Library, featuring recommended activities to learn about careers, mentors, industries, lifestyles, skills, and more!

Educators are provided with various supports to lead classroom lessons but none more impactful than the snapshot of classroom insights geared towards empowering educators to enjoy more magic moments and meaningful connections with their students. Find Your Grind is not just a curriculum — it’s an experience.

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