Math Resources

Building Math Minds by Christina Tondevold is a K-5 teacher resources for the best in number sense, numeracy, building conceptual understanding and best practices.  Christina has a vlog that she sends out about once a week and a Building Math Minds Facebook group that I follow.  Her vlogs talk about the use of manipulatives or resources and teaching in the K-5 classroom

Videos, lesson planning tools and resources are all available in extremely high quality at Achieve the Core for both ELA and Math.  For those of you conducting Professional Learning in your school, they have some great modules.

The best mathematics instructional practices book out there today is Visible Learning for Mathematics.  A research-based resource on best practices in the math classroom.

Graham Fletcher is a Canadian educator who provides videos, articles and ‘Lessons in Three Acts’ for K-5 classrooms. His website is a wealth of excellent, proven tasks and strategies for K-5 educators looking for some math resources for the classroom.  I also encourage you to follow him on Twitter and YouTube.

Are you looking for some quality K-12 problem solving tasks for your math classroom?  OpenMiddle is the place to go.  They provide thought-provoking, unique problems for students to solve that will enhance your classroom and create critical thinking in your students.

John SanGiovanni has put together a full K-6 FREE math curriculum that incorporates all the latest in the 8 Math Teaching Practices and the 8 Math Process Standards.  He is an author, teacher and consultant in the Howard County Schools.  Check it out here!

Math for Love is a website that provides a mountain of math games, lessons and activities for your classroom.  Check it out, it’s FREE!

Illustrative Mathematics is the best resource out there for finding high complexity tasks in K-12.